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Divi Theme Divi Plus Plugin Overview And Examples. We are going to be using the Divi Plus Plugin to create some great effects in this series of videos. Welcome to this Divi plus video. Divi plus is a great new plugin from Divi extended. It's featured in the Elegant themes library, and it's a fantastic addition to the Divi theme. It comes with over 50 modules and four extensions, and there's some fantastic modules here: Flip boxes, modals, advanced buttons, content toggles, breadcrumbs, text animators, fact page schema, testimonial sliders, image accordions, team sliders, text highlighters, and the list goes on. It's also got four really useful extensions. We have got a scheduler that you can set to either a section, or a row, or a module, and schedule it to be visible or not. We've got a visibility manager that will let you create sections, rows, and modules, and decide whether you want to display them at any given time. Just turn them on and off in real time. We have got particle backgrounds to add a lot of interest to your sections, and they've also got Divi library short codes which will enable a short code for anything you save to your library. You can incorporate it into rows and modules however you wish. Really easy to do!

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Nov 24, 2021

Why study in UK

Study Abroad 0 Comments

Why study in Uk for Higher education Uk is the top 2nd most preferred university for foreign students, especially from Asia. Uk has a long history of being one of the top 4 countries in terms of quality research, diversity and choice. In addition, the high levels...

Nov 24, 2021

Why Study in USA

Study Abroad 0 Comments

Why study in USA for Higher education USA is the top 1 country when it comes to foreign studies. USA University provides the best in class studies to student's for Bachelor's Masters and PhD courses. USA Universities are...