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Careergro Academy is a leading education center for Students for Study Abroad. We provide English language training for students around the world. We train the students and professionals with modern training facilities and IT Platforms

As you know, English Language Test can be considered as one of the most important exams for a student who wanted to study a under graduation and postgraduate course in a foreign country. No wonder, many students are fully prepared to take this exam and some even have the dedication to sacrifice their holiday just so that they could prepare for it early enough. For those who want to go abroad on a scholarship or on work terms, obtaining good scores from IELTS, PTE, GRE, TOEFL, Duolingo would be more than sufficient as some countries require very high scores from students before they could be accepted as immigrant workers there.

We will help student to achieve their goals in preparing any test as per the University and country requirement. We offer course materials, modules and tutorials; ‘how to’ guide booklets along with downloadable audio files. Students can practice their English speaking skills with our free online audio lesson available on our site and also download skill improvement books for completely free of cost.

Here are some things that you might need to know before getting started:

Do not wait until the last few months or even weeks just before your IELTS exam date to prepare yourself for this test! You MUST start now!! The earlier you start preparing for this important exam, the better prepared you will be when it is time for your actual attempt. Our training course guidelines tell student what areas they should focus on in order to achieve




Studying abroad is the greatest opportunity that many people wait for, but it is definitely not like a holiday trip to relax. There are many things one should prepare with, before entering a new place to stay for a long time. Culture, Education System, Food, Weather, Friends, and everything will be different and new and it is a must to adapt to all the things to make a successful career path. Easier said than done! It always seems to be easy when we are talking about studying abroad but students have to get a pre-departure orientation to make themselves well prepared before hitting a new country It is important to have a pre-departure orientation to know how one should adapt to various things in a new environment.


We are known for the Best Education Academy for English Language Test. We are going to guide you While preparing  for a test


Here you will be finding the world-class best tutors who are going to act as your parents till you get succeeded.


We are making comfort for individuals, where you will be taught at your convenience. We have both online and offline class


Careergro Academy, the best Study Abroad Consultants in India.  Careergro offers excellent services and guidance for the people who always dream to study, work, and want to migrate abroad. With countless years of experience, our global educational consultants help you find the right university at the right place, allowing you to know the complete education system in the country you choose, thats why we have known as highly qualified Overseas Education Consultants in all our branches and Online Tutors

Finding out the perfect overseas courses in the top universities is not possible to the students, without any prior knowledge. CareerGro Academy an Abroad educational consultants in India have the complete knowledge and information on the study abroad programs and overseas courses. The reason that many people choose to study abroad is the quality education and worldwide recognition. To attain the both, one must have to do a lot of searches to make a list of top universities in their choice of country.

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We are happy to announce to the student who had a dream to go to Europe. We have a university that can make your education free of cost. In the past couple of years, we have placed hundreds of students who are now making their living in Italy.

As we all know Europe is a favourite destination for people around the world and students who apply around the world should be next to your application. So let’s not waste time and grab this opportunity.









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Average student rating of 4.5/5

95% score 7+ bands

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